Abheek – A Learning Space

Abheek began with group homeschooling. In that journey, came an opportunity for more to join. Abheek is a learning space for alternative education. The alternative education movement is an attempt to free our thinking from the educational paradigm imposed on us. One of our many priorities is to allow the child some say in what he or she learns, and how he or she learns it. We are tired of philosophies! So, we don't follow a particular one. The school provides a stimulus for exploration and thinking and play.

We want to create a space for children where they feel safe and relaxed. We slow down life for them, where everything isn't a race. Academic learning happens as a result of having fun and play. We devise activities, along with the children that lead to 'learning'. Our rhythm for music and craft for the year is guided by our seasons and festivals.

We want to be fearless, and the children of our school to be fearless. We don't want to blame society, but add to the society thinking individuals, who will be capable of bringing about change.

Founded in 2011, our School is located in Bengaluru and reflects the various backgrounds and cultures of the area. Our teachers are passionate, experienced and eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to their students. Are you ready to start your future with us? Get in touch!


Abheek intends to provide an experiential learning space, with a holistic approach to harness every child’s potential in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. It is an invitation to create harmony between parents, children and educators. As an extended home, here the child will enjoy the connection of educators passionate about bringing excellence in living and learning, and who themselves are inquiring into the essence of life education and its role in bringing about a healthy and a thinking society.


To create an unbiased platform so that educators are the torchbearers of change, that they take children from darkness to light or from ignorance to knowledge, thereby playing a major role in nation building. Every child is like soft clay that is ready to be moulded. It’s finally a teacher’s imagination that reflects on a child’s personality.

Bird's Eye View

Abheek was started with the thought process of guiding young minds to become good human beings and shine in future based on their character and competence.My son was my inspiration to start this journey.It was saddening to hear parents and teachers complain about current schooling system,but do nothing. As a statement given by J.Krishnamurti in Education and Significance of life, "If you are dissatisfied with the existing schools, why dont you start your own?". This sounded perfectly reasonable and gave me the idea to start Abheek which intends in giving to the community good future citizens and simultaneously growing together, a model for business that is uncommon today and also a forum for parents to involve and learn along with our children.

Abheek has its roots from Nurture - a fledgling school in South Bangalore. We are committed to education as an awakening process that encourages observing, questioning, exploring, expressing and experiencing in an environment that is free from competition and fear. It is about a synergy between diverse forms of learning and learners. At Abheek, we believe that learning is an ongoing process. It is not only limited to books, social interaction, field trips, music, art, gardening, cooking, nature walks etc., but allows the child to follow their heart.


"Dreaming for the better!!"~ MS Indraa Raju (Founder and Mother of an Abheek Child) ~

The Flock

Yogitha Amogha Varsha

Yogitha is drawn to education as a process of unfolding the goodness in each human and this has brought her to Abheek where she has dedicated herself towards bringing out the best from each of her children in the class. She is keen to begin from where the child is and at the same time provide the right balance of training and eliciting and this conviction reflects in the quality of her relationship and the rapport she enjoys with the children. Despite the several years she spent at reputed corporates after gaining Masters degree in Information Science, what she cherishes most today is the period of voluntary service she rendered at various educational centres for children. Her love for children keeps her committed as a caring and compassionate teacher.


Sharada holds a Masters Degree in Electromagnetics from Syracuse University, USA. She worked previously at Kathrien, IIT Mumbai and RF Horizon. Ever-ready to implement a creative learning plan, she believes that children need to be guided to become innovative thinkers and on-ground problem solvers. The search for holistic and experiential education for children led her to Abheek, where she supports the Maths and Science projects for all age groups.

Anupama Desai

“Inclusion is the right for all students regardless of their background or disability to be given an equal opportunity in the society” . As a special educator and counsellor, Anupama believes in creating a learning environment that incorporates all children and youth as active, fully participating members of the school community and achieve high quality education for each student by assuring meaningful effective teaching along with necessary support for every student. She believes in becoming a positive influence by motivating the creation of a cohesive classroom by modelling and being supportive to the personal, social and academic well-being of all students. She has been actively working as a special educator since 2013 and she is currently pursuing Masters in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion from University of Northampton. She also runs a small after school remedial center named Samagra where children with Learning Difficulties are given support in learning skills.

Deepti Dilip Kumar

After gaining an English literature Masters from EFL University, Hyderabad, Deepti got into teaching in 2013 in Bangalore. Since then she has taught in various schools and environments including ICSE, IGCSE, alternative schools, state schools and government residential schools. She blends her love for social interaction with her love for psychology. She wishes to connect with her students not on an authoritarian student-teacher basis but on a more democratic basis. She is excited to see how technological developments can restructure the classroom in the coming years and would like to be a part of that wave. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in online zines from India, Australia and USA.

Avinash Kumar

Avinash Kumar has an MSc in IT and loves graphic design and photography. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He has always belived in procedural and conceptual learning, never being one to memorize, even as a child. Although teaching was not his first option as a career, he credits his mentor Ms Ranjani Sriram, who taught him the value of learning by doing. She helped him explore his creativity in a way that he could understand concepts even without the help of books. Avinash seeks to pass on his love for science and IT to youngsters and show them how to harness the potential of learning and innovation that lies within them.

Vinay NP

With a Master's in Performing Arts (Drama) from Bangalore University and a huge repertoire of Kannada plays that he has acted in, scripted or directed, Vinay's passion for theatre is evident to all. He has the particular talent of being able to relate to youngsters. He gets down at their level, chats with them as equals, and handles them effectively without having to 'discipline' them. Vinay has a Diploma in Theatre from Ninasam and uses techniques from theatre to motivate children with energizers, ice breakers, warm ups, etc. He is responsible for the physical education programme at Abheek, imparting traditional games, Kalaripayattu and the nuances of performing and visual arts to our young Abheekians.

Prathyusha GS

Prathyusha has an experience of 5 years in the IT field. Her search for a job that could give satisfaction, personal time and make a difference in other people's lives by doing it led her to Abheek. Inspiring tender young minds to become better human beings and contribute to their own future is what she dreams of. Prathyusha has done her BE in Computer Science from BTIM, Bellary. At Abheek, she handles the Administrative duties and Social Sciences for Empowering students.

Anand Kumar BR

Though Anand Kumar began his profession as a dealer of schoolbooks and uniforms, his love for the Sanskrit language led him to start teaching it recently. He was an active volunteer at Samskriti Bhavan before he stepped into Abheek. His interests lie in reading, literature, verbal and oral Sanskrit, mythology and drawing. He is eager to explore the teaching profession and finds that interacting with children gives him creativity and motivation.

Indraa Raju

Indraa Raju is a visionary with a dream. Her dream of creating a place of joy and a centre of excellence for children put her on this incredible journey as an educator. Her fearless explorations and engagements with alternative forms of schooling have now manifested as Abheek - an ever-evolving space that invites students, teachers and parents to participate in the act of living, learning and sharing. The early part of her journey as a trainer and facilitator close to a decade stand her in good stead as she now takes on the challenge of protecting and nurturing the goodness and innocence in children even as they are being educated to take on the ever growing demands of the contemporary world. Her gregarious nature, personal and involved engagement with individuals out of a deep concern for growth make her reach out to every member at Abheek. Her infectious enthusiasm for innovations and experimentations to break new ground in the field of education sets her as an ideal team-leader, the driving force of Abheek.



Premlatha Rajesh

Abheek Parent, February 2016

Abheek is a great place for alternative schoolers. It doesn't preach you the standard academic syllabus. Understanding every child is different, they go with their speed. As a parent you have opportunity to teach the kids here. Being a satisfied parent, I highly recommend Abheek.

Satendra Singh

Abheek Parent, February 2016

I found the open, flexible and child-centric learning environment that I had been looking for, in Abheek. This is a place where my 3.5 yrs old daughter can explore what interests her without any fear or intimidation. I would recommend Abheek to anyone who is interested in giving their child a flexible learning environment.


Abheek Parent, January 2019

"Do you know what a creeper is?", I asked my daughter casually even as we were watering the betelleaf vine( Piper betle or maghai paan). " Oh yes", she answered, " We learnt all about shrubs, creepers, trees, herbs, parts of a plant and all that when we had been on a Field trip to the medicinal garden".. Hmmm... I thought.

"Do you know about degrees of comparison?", I asked my daughter another day... "Oh yes,", she said. " Usha Aunty taught us all about it during theatre".." big, bigger, biggest, tall taller tallest..." On she went..

" Digestive system?".. " We made all the parts of the digestive system using various materials like paper, used cardboard boxes and such" Well, these are a few ( amongst many many more) examples of how " teaching" is done at Abheek. Abheek is a place where you can be yourself. In fact, the best version of yourself. At Abheek, you are encouraged to be yourself, your version of yourself and not someone else's version of yourself. It would come as a surprise to many, to know what kids can achieve when they have a choice, when they are let free, when their views are cherished. At Abheek, this is exactly what is offered to the child. The opportunity to be his/her original self.

As a parent, most joyous moments for me are when my daughter comes home and announces " Amma, this was the best day of my life.. " "we played and played and played.." "we learnt everything about the human body.." " we planted so many plants"..

Theoretically, all of us do say that change is constant. In Abheek, we can see this process unfolding. No two days are the same. Yet, children adapt so very well, we parents are left in awe of the situation. All in all, Abheek is a place where a child will thrive with the gentle care of educators, the nourishing environment and the freedom to be themselves. A bow to you, Abheekians, for your sincere effort in making this world a better place.


Abheek's curriculum rests on three pillars...

Fearless Learning


The word Abheek means “fearless”. We intend to absolutely free the children from all kinds of fears originating in comparison and competition, and also fear of failure or punishment.

Learning is not just a process of accumulating information or acquiring knowledge; It is a process of exploration, experimentation and understanding.

At Abheek we promote and environment by encouraging children to express, imagine and be creative. All indoor and outdoor activities are designed to help children to feel the freedom and the joy of learning.

Holistic Knowledge


Every child is more than a future employee; every person’s intelligence and abilities are far more complex than his or her scores on standardized tests.

Holistic knowledge allows children to grow into confident, competent and caring individuals, capable of making a meaningful contribution to their family, society and the world they grow up into.

At Abheek we facilitate Holistic Learning by allowing children to interact and connect to various activities and real life situations with people from different walks of life to inculcate values such as compassion and peace.

Exploratory Framework

Kids Playing

An Exploratory Learning Framework enhances critical thinking and allows children to apply skills learnt and observed without any structured outcome.This, in turn, builds confidence and decision making as well as problem solving skills are cultivated.

The Exploratory Framework at Abheek consists of innovative games and mixed age group co-operative activities. We encourage children to come up with their own ideas and then facilitate the execution of theses ideas.

We offer experimental and experiential learning and regular, caring observation of each individual child for each topic.

Spreading Wings


Global Classroom

One day, all children will compete with themselves. In the Global Classroom curriculum, they already do. The new ethics of education needs to be "Compete with Yourself" , not "Compete with Others". When children compete with themselves, they progress more. Learning becomes joyful.

The Global Classroom Curriculum provides a complete learning solution.This curriculum is designed to nurture and challenge each child's diverse intellectual capability and talents, guiding them to their full potential. The curriculum is divided into "themes" that are carried across learning areas. Concepts are brought alive through auditory, visual & kinesthetics experiences.


At Abheek Academy, your teenager (Class 8 to 10) can experience the best of the Global Curriculum in tandem with the "mainstream" syllabi recognised by universities all over the world. We do not believe in rote learning; conceptual learning is the key to our students' future independence of thought. We facilitate students for the NIOS or IGCSE curriculum in our own Abheek Way. These are the two options provided for secondary studies as they are the most pliable in terms of concept-based knowledge and higher order thinking skills. Contact us to learn more.

The Alternative Space

What is an Alternative School?

"Alternative schools" refers to any school that offers a curriculum, learning environment, or philosophical predisposition that diverges markedly from the mainstream. Such schools offer a wide range of philosophies and teaching methods; some have strong political, scholarly, or philosophical orientations, while others are more ad hoc assemblies of teachers and students.

Why Alternative School?

The present schooling system is a factory model where one size fits all, It is a confined space learning which has a linear and fractured curriculum. Alternative school caters to the need of every individual child based on their character and interest.

What are the essential elements of an alternative school of choice?

Maximize opportunities for students to develop positive value.Recognize the importance of student's desire to learn. Maximize student self-motivation. Maximize parent-teacher-student cooperation

Why do parents choose an alternative school?

Many cherish the opportunity to participate in their child's education.Individuality and emotional development of the child is the main focus, Find it consistent with the values they teach at home.Limitations and inadequacies of the conventional form of education system.Bullying, pressure, lack of spiritual and character development at school.

What are the benefits of an Alternate school?

There is no one size fits all approach.These schools have the potential to offer a smaller and a more personalized environment for the students to learn.Gives every child a sense of self esteem.Emphasis is on learning through Arts, Craft , Music and Environment, Helps in identifying the child’s natural curiosity and interest which guides and inspires his/her learning

What we do at Abheek?

We intend to bring up a good human being, without fear, tolerant to diversity, nuture a questioning mind and children who are able to discover themselves.

Are Parents allowed to participate in activities?

Yes!! You would make a great team along with your child. Dont hesitate to discover your child's interests or to encourage them. We assure you there is no other experience like this :)

Admissions Open Now!!


Every child has a dream, do we really allow the child to explore it? Your child has it in him/her, but do you have it in you to give him/her a chance to learn?

You could put your children in a school that hammers them into assembly-line products. Or you could choose to unschool and opt for an education that nurtures your children into creative, sensitive individuals.

Abheek Academy is an Alternative Education Co-operative and a forum for homeschoolers. It aspires to provide a support system with friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere.

The schooling program runs from June to March for toddlers to 15 years for year 2017-18. The teacher–student ratio is be 1:8 and we follow the Global Classroom Curriculum which meets the requirement of CBSE, ICSE, IB , IGCSE & State boards.

Call us, meet us and feel comfortable to bring your child along, to experience the new way of learning!

Seats are limited.


Fly With Us

We do not believe in conventional teachers; we, the parents and the volunteers together work as educators. Learning is a two-way process without any authority of educator; so educators and children learn together about themselves in their relationship with each other.

If you are a passionate educator and in sync with Abheek's core principles then we are a match made in heaven. We have a flexible culture and believe in making this world a better place for all kids and parents to learn unhindered.

Volunteers from around the world are welcome to join us from time to time by supporting the initiative to organize workshops related to art and culture to foster harmony among diverse culture.

Stay connected to fill in the gaps whenever required. Do email us a write up of your passion and interests.

birds flying

Support Us

Abheek finds immense joy in introducing ourselves as a community learning centre for Sustainable Alternative Education that attends to children emerging as Good, Intelligent, Creative and Integrated human beings without losing their innocence,curiosity and learnability.At its backbone, Abheek offers learning through Exploration, Experimentation and Experience, all together resulting into Insight.

Learning is a two way process without any authority of educator, so educators and children learn together about themselves in their relationship with each other. and in that collide with academics and other skills to gain the necessary knowledge.The knowledge imparted enables children to appear for ae-appropriate examinations either of the boards like NIOS, IGCSE(Cambridge University).

More than a school, Abheek is an attempt to provide a right environment of inward freedom for children to learn on their own without depending on educators.We need a lot of learning aids.and other materials to co-create the learning environment, we require an in-house transaport facility for outdoor visits as Abheek believes in Off-campus learning.Terrace Gardening is a part of learning, we also need related things.

We conduct educational dialogues for parents/educators that help develop right attitude. Being a community learning center, we are finding shortage of financial resources at present.Hence we are looking for people interested in supporting the noble cause by donating/funding/partnering.

If you feel the cause of Abheek is important, Please contact us to discuss further. Visits to Abheek may be made by prior appointment on working days. Thank You!!

Contact Person : MS Indraa / Prathyusha G S(Admin) Mobile/Whatsapp : (+91)-9845927414 / 9036677366 / 9036677355 Timings : 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and select Saturdays Email : info@abheek.org

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