Fearless Learning

The word Abheek means “fearless”. We intend to absolutely free the children from all kinds of fears originating in comparison and competition, and also fear of failure or punishment. Learning is not just a process of accumulating information or acquiring knowledge; It is a process of exploration, experimentation and understanding.

Holistic Knowledge

Every child is more than a future employee; every person’s intelligence and abilities are far more complex than his or her scores on standardized tests. Holistic knowledge allows children to grow into confident, competent and caring individuals, capable of making a meaningful contribution to their family, society and the world they grow up into. At Abheek we facilitate Holistic Learning by allowing children to interact and connect to various activities and real life situations with people

Exploratory Framework

An Exploratory Learning Framework enhances critical thinking and allows children to apply skills learnt and observed without any structured outcome.This, in turn, builds confidence and decision making as well as problem solving skills are cultivated. The Exploratory Framework at Abheek consists of innovative games and mixed age group co-operative activities. We encourage children to come up with their own ideas and then facilitate the execution of theses ideas.

Abheek Academy

[Alternative learning space]

An open space for  exploring pedagogical alternative learning experiences for students. A system that supports IGCSE and NIOS candidates from KG to 12. We follow a collaborative approach to learning. A perfect balance between Academic learning and Alternative learning experiences. Adhere to the NEP structure of 5:3:3:4 from KG to 12.

 1. Addresses KG to 12 Grade
 2. 1:8 Teacher Student Ratio
 3. Pedagogical Alternate space
 4. Academics – IGCSE / NIOS
 5. Inclusive learning space
 6. Collaborations to enhance learning
 7. Regular field trips
 8. Off campus learning
 9. Multiple Intelligence Development
 10. Theme Based Learning – 5C™

Life Skill development
 1. Wood working skill
 2. Communication skills
 3. Leadership
 4. Performing Arts
 5. Martial Arts
 6. Internships
 7. Portfolio building
 8. Gardening and Farming
 9. Moral and Ethics
 10. Financial Literacy

Abheek Resource Centre

[Homeschoolers and Unschoolers]

This is an open learning space for those who want to explore alternative learning without the specific need of the academic training. This is open for Homeschoolers and Unschoolers to utilize the resources available at Abheek for enhancing their learning experience.

 1. Resource Sharing with learner outside Abheek academy
 2. Time sharing of the Abheek space
 3. Customised programmes for learning
 4. Structure to enhance the efficiency of space utilization
 5. Help homeschooler and unschoolers to build an  effective portfolio
 6. Support the alternative journey without the burden of the 9 – 5 classrooms
 7. For kids 3.5 to 14 years
 8. Help parents with necessary support in the journey

Life Skill development

 1. Learning opportunities
 2. Leadership skills
 3. Communication Skills
 4. Internships
 5. Gardening and Farming
 6. Field Trips
 7. Different clubs to join and explore
 8. Portfolio building
 9. Reading spaces
 10. Skill development

Abheek Exploration Corner

[Independent learners]

This is specific to open learners who do not prefer any structure but would like to explore the world independently. AEC will provide the space and resource that the learner will use as per her/his requirements.

 1. Exclusively for independent learners
 2. Self-learning space
 3. Resources for learning and explorations
 4. Opportunities to explore independent learning
 5. Opportunities to interact with experts 

Life skill development:
 1. Personal Space for Me time
 2. Opportunity to explore and work on projects at Abheek
 3. Expert interactions to learning from
 4. Books and Materials
 5. Club activities
 6. Off campus learning opportunities


[Theatre enthusiast]

The theatre club is conceived to identify and nurture budding artists and train them on the nuances of Theatre. It aims at encouraging the Abheekians to collaborate with the world of artists and create a masterpiece.

 1. Encourage theatre enthusiast
 2. Encourage new talent
 3. Weekend theatre
 4. Kids and adults
 5. Explore cotemporary theatre
 6. Multidimensional learning

Life skill development:

 1. Communication skill
 2. Reading and writing ability
 3. Expression
 4. Creative design
 5. Collaborative living

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