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It takes a village to raise a child

MS Indraa Raju

Founder and Parent

Ms Indira Raju is a passionate visionary with a dream to create a place of joy and a centre of excellence for children. Her son became the inspiration in bringing about a change to the education system, she has herself grown as a mature human, understanding the philosophies and deeper connect to the human kind. Her deep explorations and engagements with alternative forms of schooling have now manifested as Abheek – an ever-evolving space that invites students, educators and parents to participate in the act of living, learning and sharing. The early part of her journey as a trainer and facilitator stands her in good stead as she takes on the challenge of protecting and nurturing the goodness and innocence in children, making headway to the growing demands of the contemporary world. Her gregarious nature, love for learning, accepting and developing changes, engagement with individuals bring out a deep concern for growth making her reach out to every member at Abheek.

Sriraghavan S M

Academic Consultant and Mentor

A renowned educationist and a prolific academician. He brings academic rigor amidst the joy of learning. He exhumes passion for learning and teaching through his training programmes. His focus is to bring out the best in everyone – educators and students alike. He not only mentors the educators but also hand hold the students through this journey.

As the co-founder of NumberNagar® and Mentor to the Abheek trust, he adds great value to the Abheek Journey.

Branches of Abheek
An efficient, learned teacher Anand ‘s interest lie in reading literature, mythology, speaking Sanskrit and drawing. Born in a family of performers, and with dealership set ups in place did not curtail the love for learning and facilitating which brought him to the grounds of Abheek.
Anand Kumar BR
A dedicated Educator, Archana is very good with her students. Her commitment to mathematics has inspired students over a very long time. She brings a vast experience of Cambridge curriculum learning and helps students with the IGCSE preparation. A humble human being who places her students' interest above everything else.
Archana Singh
If it's coding, it's Dhruva. An expert computer science graduate, Dhruva brings a vast experience of technical education to Abheek. His commitment to alternate journey is second to none. As the coding expert he challenges the creativity of the students. As the co-founder of Science Ashram he brings a vast experience of an entrepreneurship.
Young and Dynamic Haritha is the first to take up responsibilities at Abheek. A lover of Biological Sciences she influences everyone around her with her infectious smile and commitment. From the day one she has shown her commitment to learn and innovate along the way in this alternative journey.
Haritha Rao
Kavitha, an ardent lover of gardening brings forth the Green Project, transforming Abheek’s ambience aesthetically. With a psychology background, her love for the environment keeps her motivated and she initiates the love and care for soil by guiding students to cultivate in their own surroundings.
Kavitha Deevakar Raju
Lekha is a passionate educator with a long stint in mainstream schools. She facilitates English Language and trusts that curiosity sparks Learning. An avid reader, she believes in taking children through the path of reading and creating an atmosphere to become life -long learners.
Lekha Pramod
Madhu is an affectionate, experienced Math teacher. With a Post-Graduation in Math and an MBA she began her career in IT but her love and yearning brought her back to teaching children. The philosophy of Abheek matched her faith of being a life- long learner
Madhu Konduru
Neelam is synonymous with high energy. Her wisdom enlightens the team and her commitment inspires. As an expert of Early childhood education, she makes learning a memorable experience for the young minds at Abheek. It's no wonder that she co-founded Open Wonder Learn, an organisation committed to enthusiastic learning.
Neelam Dixit
Admin officer at Abheek is synonymous with Integrity, Thoughtfulness and Commitment. His presence has enhanced the operational efficiency at Abheek. Being the oldest member of the team he has supported Abheek in multiple dimensions of work on and off campus.
Praveen (Yesu Vishwa)
Unlearning is synonymous with Reshma, it's not an exaggeration. Reshma is a devoted soul who believes in alternative journey to every single word. She home-schools her daughter and brings the experience to every student at Abheek. Plays multiple role as an educator for computer science and explores global perspectives with them.
She plays a dual role at Abheek, Sherly is a parent of one of our students and also a committed Educator. Ever enthusiastic about introducing new ideas, in a very short period of time she has won the hearts of her students. She brings a vast experience of learning in a international environment.
Vinay is a creative educator who is an expert artist. His involvement with students makes parents jealous of what their kids have as part of their learning experience. His involvement in creating meaningful learning experience is commendable. An artist par excellence.
Rekha joined Abheek in 2018. She is not only a helper but also a good caretaker of kids. Along with students she too has learnt English, Hindi and required mother tongues to keep the students in a comfort zone .She willingly joins in engaging with games and supporting students with their needs
Lingappa , The gardener incharge, supports the Green Project and is the caretaker of children. He ensures to encourage students to learn skills needed for gardening and keeps the space organised and clean. He communicates comfortably in Kannada, Marathi and Hindi.

Advisory board

Mr. Satyanarayan Raju
Ms. Annam Chokkalingam
Mr. Vasu Dixit
Ms. Vineeta Sood
Ms. Richa Tripathi

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