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Every child has a dream; do we really allow the child to explore it? Your children have it in them, but do you have it in you to give them a chance to learn? Every child has a dream; do we really allow the child to explore it? Your children have it in them, but do you have it in you to give them a chance to learn? You could put your children in a school that hammers them into assembly  line products — or you could choose to unschool and opt for an education that nurtures your children into creative, sensitive individuals.

Abheek Academy is an Alternative Education Co-operative and a forum for homeschoolers. It aspires to provide a support system with friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere.

The schooling program runs from June to March for children aged 3-16 for the year 2021-22. The teacher–student ratio is 1:8.

We use cambridge curriculum guidelines to design our academic curriculum based on Multiple Intelligence approach guided by the 5C™ methodology of NumberNagar®.

Our admission process lasts a few weeks.

Fill out the Admission Details in the ‘Apply Now’ form OR e-mail us with your child’s details. Set up an appointment to visit Abheek, using Whatsapp or by calling us(Visits are on Mondays & Wednesdays only)

After both parents meet with us and express interest in taking it forward,your child may be asked to spend one or more working days with us so that we can gauge his/her comfort at Abheek Students seeking admission for Class 6 and above may be assessed orally or through written means. We do not assign marks or grades. It is merely a diagnostic tool

Admission is considered successful once the Confirmation fee is transferred.Please note: Visits to Abheek may be made on Mondays & Wednesdays upon prior appointment only.

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The Alternative Space

Most frequent questions and answers

“Alternative schools” refers to any school that offers a curriculum, learning environment, or philosophical predisposition that diverges markedly from the mainstream. Such schools offer a wide range of philosophies and teaching methods; some have strong political, scholarly, or philosophical orientations, while others are more ad hoc assemblies of teachers and students.

The present schooling system is a factory model where one size fits all, It is a confined space learning which has a linear and fractured curriculum. Alternative school caters to the need of every individual child based on their character and interest.

Maximize opportunities for students to develop positive value.Recognize the importance of student’s desire to learn. Maximize student self-motivation. Maximize parent-teacher-student cooperation

Many cherish the opportunity to participate in their child’s education.Individuality and emotional development of the child is the main focus, Find it consistent with the values they teach at home.Limitations and inadequacies of the conventional form of education system.Bullying, pressure, lack of spiritual and character development at school.

There is no one size fits all approach.These schools have the potential to offer a smaller and a more personalized environment for the students to learn. Gives every child a sense of self esteem. Emphasis is on learning through Arts, Craft , Music and Environment, Helps in identifying the child’s natural curiosity and interest which guides and inspires his/her learning

We intend to bring up a good human being, without fear, tolerant to diversity, nurture a questioning mind and children who are able to discover themselves.

Support Us​

Abheek finds immense joy in introducing ourselves as a community learning centre for Sustainable Alternative Education that attends to children emerging as Good, Intelligent, Creative and Integrated human beings without losing their innocence,curiosity and learnability.At its backbone, Abheek offers learning through Exploration, Experimentation and Experience, all together resulting into Insight.

Learning is a two way process without any authority of educator, so educators and children learn together about themselves in their relationship with each other. and in that collide with academics and other skills to gain the necessary knowledge.The knowledge imparted enables children to appear for ae-appropriate examinations either of the boards like NIOS, IGCSE(Cambridge University).

More than a school, Abheek is an attempt to provide a right environment of inward freedom for children to learn on their own without depending on educators.We need a lot of learning aids.and other materials to co-create the learning environment, we require an in-house transaport facility for outdoor visits as Abheek believes in Off-campus learning.Terrace Gardening is a part of learning, we also need related things.

We conduct educational dialogues for parents/educators that help develop right attitude. Being a community learning center, we are finding shortage of financial resources at present.Hence we are looking for people interested in supporting the noble cause by donating/funding/partnering.

If you feel that the cause of Abheek is important, please contact us to discuss further. Visits to Abheek may be made by on Mondays and Wednesdays by prior appointment.

Contact Person:  MS Indraa


+91 90366 77355
+91 90366 77366

Timings : 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays

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Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge Curriculum provides a complete learning solution. This curriculum is designed to nurture and challenge each child’s diverse intellectual capability and talents, guiding them to their full potential. The curriculum is divided into “themes” that are carried across learning areas. Concepts are brought alive through auditory, visual & kinesthetics experiences.


At Abheek Academy, your teenager (Class 8 to 10) can experience the best of the International Curriculum in tandem with the “mainstream” syllabi recognised by universities all over the world. We do not believe in rote learning; conceptual learning is the key to our students’ future independence of thought.

We facilitate students for the NIOS or IGCSE exams, in our own Abheek Way. These are the two options provided for secondary studies as they are the most pliable in terms of concept-based knowledge and higher order thinking skills. Contact us to learn more.

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+91 90366 77355
+91 90366 77366

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