What We're All About

We are a community of lifelong learners who are flexing and building civic muscle to respond to the world crisis that we are witnessing today. We are taking it forward by facilitating this to todays youth.

The environment is woven with processes based on holistic principles to nurture individual and community well-being.

We offer the possibility of designing one’ own curriculum and we are committed to share perspectives to develop their own world view through guided discussions, dialogues and travel.

When did we launch and why?

We are inspired by Swaraj University and they are offering a friendly support to take this journey forward.

We launched on August15th, 2020. We chose this date to enable the learners to break free from the conformed path of degrees and certificates that creates a illusionary validation about the learning and life ahead.


  • A democratic learning community to nurture, support, love and accept the way you are 
  • A space to discover, explore, experiment, create, question, fail, reflect, unlearn, and rebound
  • An extended family of co-learners, experts, mentors, collaborative spaces to unravel your journey of passion to purpose.
  • Understand the world around you through travel, discussions, and dialogues through a supportive community.


We believe that learning is happening all the time and hence we see it as a process. 

We have imbibed the principles of self-designed learning which enables the learner to choose and explore his areas of interests. This process makes the learning journey relevant to his/her quest. Know more

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What does my journey look like?

We believe that living and learning is seamless process and earning should be a consequence of this process.

  • Explore your interests and design your learning journeys
  • Identify your strengths and learn to accept and navigate through your challenges.
  • Learn to create your own knowledge.
  • Develop your worldview on global perspectives
  • Converge your skills, ideas, projects and learning journeys into a meaningful a livelihood.

In this learning journey you may experience many challenges like disagreements, self-doubt, fear etc., We are in it together.

Abheek University​ at a Glance

6 months programme

[Basic Internship]

  • Interview with Students / Parent
  • Assessment of the requirements of the student
  • Assessment of the readiness for the exploration journey
  • Basic training :
    • MSKT – Mind Set | Skills | Knowledge required | Tools available
  • Availability of the right resource
  • Internship based on choice

1 year programme

[Basic Exploration]

  • Interview of the Parent
  • Interview of the Students
  • Assessment of the requirements
  • Readiness check
  • Basic : MSKT Training
    • Mind set for Alternative journey | Skills required | Knowledge | Tools required
  • Exploration domain identification
  • Exploration path design
  • Programme design and implementation

2 Year programme

  • Basic Interactions with Parents
  • Basic interactions with student
  • Basic MSKT : Training
    • Mind Set | Skills | Knowledge | Tools
  • Self Designing the programme
  • 6 Months internship if clear on the path
  • 1 Year exploration to identify path
  • 2nd Year – Deep dive into the path identified

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