In​ the wisdom of knowledge, let's share this space for love and light, for experiences and experiments, to learn, to unlearn.

Abheek Academy

An open space for exploring pedagogical – alternative learning experiences for students. We follow a perfect  balance between Academic learning and  Alternative learning experiences. 

Abheek Exploration Corner

This is specific to open learners who do not prefer academic structure but would like to explore learning independently.

Abheek Resource Centre

This is an open learning space for those who want to explore alternative learning without the specific need of the academic training

Abheek Theatre Club

Abheek Theatre Club is an initiative to encourage enthusiasts to learn one of the oldest Performing Art – Theatre. 

Abheek lifeversity

Create and Nurture Sustainable Leadership


To find that place within where impossible becomes nothing. 


You are the mission

" when I conceived Abheek"

Our Experiments and Experiences

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+91 90366 77366

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